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Lake Norman Integrative Wellness For Prostate Cancer Testing

Prostate Cancer Testing For Optimal Health

February 9, 2021

Prostate Cancer Testing For Optimal Health In our integrative medical wellness clinic, we support a significant number of integrative and alternative cancer patients, suffering from a wide range of various cancer diagnoses. One of our frequently seen cancers is Prostate Adenocarcinoma, as well as Prostate Adenocarcinoma metastasized to the bone, often the hip or pelvis. I would…

Off Label Medications For Cancer Treatment in Lake Norman

Off-Label Medications Often Used In Cancer Treatment

December 21, 2020

Off-Label Medications OftenUsed In Cancer Treatment Over the past 12 years, I have supported a significant number of cancer patients in our clinic. The work moved me so much that in 2013 I started a 2 year fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy, which is the only alternative cancer fellowship endorsed by the AMA. This is a…

COVID-19 Mask Mandate in Lake Norman

Excessive Deaths Not COVID-19 Related

December 1, 2020

Excessive Deaths Not COVID-19 Related As we continue our nationwide lockdowns…mask mandates…and prayers of a vaccine as the “only way to get us out of this pandemic” in the mainstream media, something very important is missed. The absolute tremendous toll that this pandemic has caused on loss of life goes well beyond COVID-19 coded deaths.…

COVID-19 Testing in Lake Norman

80 Percent False Positive

November 22, 2020

80 Percent False Positive Hey everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts about the recent insane rise in COVID-19 positive test rates. First thing first, if you look at the amount of testing being done daily in the US, you are up to 1.5M tests done daily. We are at an amazing rate for testing. This is…

Current COVID-19 Support Options in Lake NOrman

Current COVID-19 Support Options And TCM

August 5, 2020

Current COVID-19 Support Options And TCM It has been a couple weeks since I have posted on here and brought some recent thoughts to bear as far as what we should be doing to help ourselves during COVID-19. One thing is certain – waiting for a vaccine is an exercise in futility. Dr. Fauci has admitted that…

Plastic Army Men Fighting The Coronavirus

Enzyme Therapy May Help Support Immunity Against COVID-19

April 15, 2020

Enzyme Therapy May Help Support Immunity Against COVID-19 Over the past few weeks I have talked about various tools we can use to support your immune system and give you the best chance at fighting off viruses including coronavirus so you don’t get sick. We have previously talked about the value of supplementing with Vitamin…