We Offer Virtual Distance Counseling!

Our office offers a unique approach to helping our patients healthcare needs using functional medicine with a holistic approach. We work with patients from the comfort of their own homes, offering virtual distance consulting for those who live more than three hours from our office or who cannot commute to our clinic.

In treating our patients, it all starts with helping answer the question of WHY a patient has a particular disease or health problem. WHY is your body responding the way it is and causing your symptoms. We will help you answer this question of WHY and uncover the root causes of your individual health problems.

By treating you as a whole person, it allows us to treat the root causes and not just the symptoms alone. This gives our patients the best chance at getting their health back through a unique and personalized protocol of nutrition, alternative therapies and supportive coaching.

Our clinic is uniquely qualified to combine the best of traditional medicine with cutting edge integrative and holistic treatments which allow us to truly make a profound improvement in your long-term health.

What Can You Expect With Our Virtual Distance Program?

When you treat with us through our Virtual Distance Program, you are able to receive the same level of care as patients who treat in our state-of-the-art clinic located in the Lake Norman community of Charlotte, NC.

  • We stay in contact with you through regular scheduled appointments to make sure everything is working properly and that you're getting your questions answered.
  • We are able to order advanced diagnostic functional medicine lab tests, including the ability to assess our patients through genetics / DNA testing, advanced blood, urine and stool or hair tests as well as using physical and video examination techniques to ensure our patients conditions are properly diagnosed.
  • We review your tests and medical records from other providers to find the gaps in health care that have prevented you from achieving the level of success you are looking for.

At our clinic, health is improved every day. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normalized. Hormonal imbalances are corrected. Weight goals are realized. Energy is dramatically improved.

Pain and suffering is reduced and healed. Brain fog is cleared, sleep becomes restful and mental clarity and peace is reached. This is all achieved through our completely natural and safe treatment protocols.

Get Started Today!

If you are interested in starting our Virtual Distance Program, the first step is to schedule an initial webcam or phone evaluation. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about your health struggles and goals, and gives you the chance to ask us any questions you might have.

During the comprehensive evaluation with us, we would go over your health history in detail, and go over your past labs that you would email or fax to us before we talk. We would also find out if our unique approach to care incorporating Functional Medicine and Integrative and Alternative Medicine is right for you.

It is important to understand that this is your health journey. Our goal is to help you along the way as long as you want us. We will guide you in the right direction and we will work together to help you accomplish your health care goals and achieve true healing. We are humbled and honored to be a part of this journey with you into health.

We look forward to meeting you!

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