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What Does Functional Medicine Mean?

What Does Functional Medicine Mean? Question: I keep hearing the term functional medicine. How is it different from regular medicine? Answer: Functional medicine’s focus is on correcting physiological function versus manipulating the problem with drugs or removing it with surgery. Different causes for same disease Let’s say 10 different people visit a functional medicine practitioner…

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Lab Tests and Your Health

While considering the health of many of my patients, the concern over diagnostic tests often comes up. Of particular interest is the lab work many of my patients bring me. My blog askdrakiba.com discusses this in greater detail…

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How Cornelius Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Naturally

< ![CDATA[ My back hurt horribly. I was always in pain and my mobility was very limited due to the pain and being afraid of what may happen if I strained it even a little. The doctor couldn’t seem to help and I feared I would need surgery. Then I found Cornelius Chiropractic care and…

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Cornelius Neck Pain Relief Done Naturally With Chiropractic

< ![CDATA[ Do you feel as though you have been sent from doctor to doctor due to your neck pain? Does it all end the same? They tell you to see someone else becuase they do not know what more they can do for you? Then maybe it is time to try your next shot…

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Cornelius Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy

A vast number of people around the world has frequent issues with back and neck pain today. Sitting at a desk all day or staring at a computer screen can contribute to these aches and pains, but other factors like injuries can as well. Sadly, a large number of doctors treat these pains with medications…

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How A Cornelius Chiropractor Alleviates Headaches Naturally With Chiropractic

< ![CDATA[ Most everyone experiences a headache at some point, with the pain and intensity being different for each individual. Thankfully, it is very rare for a headache to have a serious cause requiring urgent medical attention. There are a wide variety of causes including tension, stress, and fatigue with three different types of headaches,…

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