Nutrition Resources For You

“what can I eat?”


Most patients are following a gluten free diet with many also following dairy free and soy free.  There are also many patients who have specific allergies or sensitivities to various other foods (i.e. eggs, yeast, xanthan gum, millet, and more). Because of these food sensitivities and allergies, many of our patients are following a diet known as the Paleo Diet. We give all new patient a lot of information, particularly about the Repairvite diet in the early treatment phase.  To keep you from getting bored and to further enhance your nutrition and eating, here are some additional resources for you.


To keep you inspired and give you creative meal ideas, snack ideas and more! The Paleo Diet Cookbook Make It Paleo Cookbook

The Complete Guide To Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cooking The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook The Dairy Free and Gluten Free Kitchen Cookbook


These sites are by people who live this lifestyle and understand the challenges that come with it! Robb Wolf (The Paleo Diet Blog)– great information, recipes and health information Everyday Paleo – website from cookbook author Sarah Fragoso with lots of videos and useful information Elana’s Pantry – an awesome blog that posts recipes that you’ll love! The Spunky Coconut – an awesome blog that posts recipes that you’ll love! Jules Gluten Free – wonderful site that includes Jules’ blog with recipes for almost everything.  Also, Jules Gluten Free products can be purchased from her site and are wonderful in baking her recipes! Lexi’s Kitchen – an easy to follow blog with recipes, tips and more! The Urban Poser – this is a user friendly blog and recipe guide for just about anything! Gluten Free Goddess – good blog with recipes and articles about living gluten free and more. Nourishing Meals – good blog with recipes about all kinds of food restrictions. Daily Bites – good blog with lots of recipes For The Love Of Food – good blog with lots of recipes


These sites and apps help you manage your busy life and a restrictive lifestyle all at once! Allergy Eats – search for restaurants nearby by zip code and food restriction.  They have an app that works great! Cook It Allergy Free – customize the site based on your own food allergies.  Also friendly for your Ipad and Iphone.


Living Without Magazine – an excellent resource for all things pertaining to food allergies!  Great articles and recipes online, too.  Our office subscribes to this magazine so check it out next time you’re waiting on the doc! Delightfully Gluten Free – good magazine with lots of online recipes, too. Gluten Free Living – good magazine with lots of information including recipes and articles.


Triumph Dining – has wonderful resources from shopping guides, restaurant guides, to a wonderful blog with lots of gift ideas and recipes. Gluten Free Works – great website with tons of great articles about the gluten free lifestyle and celiac disease, product reviews, recipes and lots more.


Charlotte Celiac Connection – local support group to those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.  This is a wonderful group of people and provides useful local information about restaurants, grocery stores and more.