Enzyme Therapy May Help Support Immunity Against COVID-19

Enzyme Therapy May Help Support Immunity Against COVID-19

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Over the past few weeks I have talked about various tools we can use to support your immune system and give you the best chance at fighting off viruses including coronavirus so you don't get sick.

We have previously talked about the value of supplementing with Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Glutathione. Today we are going to talk about the value of supplementing with Enzymes.

This is something that can possibly help you far beyond the concept of COVID-19.

As we all know, Coronavirus is similar to SARS or MERS viruses which had outbreaks years ago, and rivals the SARS outbreak currently as far as worldwide total numbers affected.

The relatively good news is that the fatality rate appears much lower than SARS at 2 percent right now. Unfortunately, the media coverage and medical system response is enough to create panic and anxiety for anyone.

We know that coronavirus is a type of common virus that can infect your nose, sinuses or upper throat. They can spread like most cold viruses, and almost everyone in life will get a coronavirus infection at least once in their life.

We know that some coronaviruses are much more dangerous than others, like MERS or SARS which this COVID-19 is considered a part of - SARS-COVID-2 actually is the name given to the disease.

Fortunately, all viruses share the same fundamental weaknesses, and there is much we can do to safely, easily and naturally exploit these weaknesses to boost our immune system and protect ourselves from getting sick.

Supplemental enzymes, specifically proteolytic enzymes, have been shown to regulate and stimulate the immune system.

I want to review 3 QUICK ways that proteolytic enzymes fight viruses…including some basic concepts on the science, but for any of you that want to learn more, I can go into much more detail if you want about how these enzymes actually work against the viruses and help our immune system. Just shoot me an email and I will pass along references and more information for you.

First and foremost, proteolytic enzymes have an amazing ability to "eat up" the protective coating on a virus. The outer coating is called a capsid, and it protects viruses and helps it to invade and attach to our host cells and multiply. Proteolytic enzymes or systemic enzymes are effective at deactivating or eating this outer protective layer.

Not only do they accomplish this, but they also help to boost our immune system directly to rid the body of the viral infection.

Let's be clear - Your immune system - NOT pharmaceutical drugs - is your body's #1 defense against viruses. The immune system attacks viruses many different way and proteolytic enzymes are scientifically proven to stimulate and boost your immune system's effectiveness.

Not only do systemic or proteolytic enzymes attack the virus's outer layer and boost your immune system, but they also dissolve something called Fibrin which HIDES viruses and bacteria.

Fibrin is scar tissue your body uses to help cover and heal wounds. It's also a natural part of your immune system. Because of chronic inflammation, Fibrin is overproduced. This acts to block blood flow and prevent oxygen from reaching tissues and waste from being removed.

Now how does this relate to viruses or bacteria? Well viruses and bacteria HIDE under the fibrin layer coating the blood vessel's walls. So proteolytic enzymes can dissolve excess fibrin allow

Now - proteolytic enzymes are natural produced in your pancreas. But the natural production of proteolytic or systemic enzymes decreases with age. Unfortunately, we know that chemicals, toxins and heavy metals also cause us to lose production of proteolytic enzymes. Also you can't replace them with diet alone, with healthy organic foods.

As a result, I recommend that patients take proteolytic enzymes to help support their immune system and fight off viruses including possibly SAR-COVID-2 or Coronavirus.

I have recommended a few brands of enzymes over the past few years, but have finally found a product which offers the great combination of a higher dose of proteolytic enzymes at a better price. It is a very high quality supplement as well and I am incredibly happy to be able to work with the company, called Marco Pharma, to offer their products to our patients. The enzyme is called Marcozyme, by the way, and is a great product.

If you are interested in working with our clinic to get proteolytic enzymes, feel free to DM us here, email us at staff@drakibagreen.com or call our office 704-987-3993 and we can get you setup with an order direct to your house today.

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