What's Hiding In Your Bread?

Carcinogens In Bread? I am sure you’d be surprised to learn how many carcinogens the government says are “safe” for our food supply. On a recent episode of The Doctors, they reveal the surprising chemicals found in some breads. Watch the video HERE

Surprising Chemicals In Breads

  • Potassium Bromate – used to help breads rise and keep the bread strong and better elasticity so the breads don’t fall apart.  It is banned in Canada and the state of California as it is a carcinogen. 
  • Azodicarbonamide – used in bagel, hamburger buns and other breads.  It is used to create foam, plastic and rubber and is a contributing factor to asthmatic symptoms and respiratory illnesses.  This can be found in many breads, even those labeled as whole wheat.
The bottom line is that these chemicals are harmful and should be avoided!