726 cannabinoid receptors

What is a whack-a-mole? You may know it as a child's game that involves using a hammmer to "whack" a mole that randomly pops up. Whenever another pesky mole pops up you "whack" it down. It can be very entertaining when it comes to playing with your son or daughter... but no fun at all when it is your health. Traditional treatment of disease has become very similar to that childhood game. "Whacking" symptoms with sometimes dangerous medication and then waiting to see what new "mole" pops up. The question is..."what happens when you stop taking the drug... and the symptom... the pain is still there. I became frustrated with this early on in my practice when patients would come to me over and over with the same reoccurring problem. Chiropractors have long been criticized for seeing people over and over. I wanted to make an impact for my patients that would change their life and not just "whack down their mole" and wait for the next one to come up. I wanted for myself and my patients a better way... one that would leave them not only feeling better but one that was directed at the cause of their suffering. That is why Lake Norman Integrative Wellness is unique and different compared to other treatments, and yes even other chiropractic treatments. It is what we do that allows us to see such life changing results. If you're frustrated with where you are with your health, call us at (704) 987-3993 and see if we can help. If you know someone who is just eating drugs to help with the pain, give them my number. Let's see if we can help.