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  • ADHD Affects 3-5% Of School Aged Kids

    ADHD (or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most common neuro-behavioral disorders of childhood.   Watch Dr. Green’s latest workshop video:  “ADD & Autism Spectrum”   There are three major symptoms or signs that a child may have ADHD:
    1. They are hyperactive.
    2. They lack attention.
    3. They exhibit impulsive behavior.
    These symptoms seem pretty typical in all children at times as most parents would agree! brain_gears

    Diagnosing ADHD

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued guidelines to bring more clarity to this issue. The diagnosis is based on very specific symptoms, which must be present in more than one setting.
    • Children should have at least 6 attention symptoms or 6 hyperactivity/impulsivity symptoms, with some symptoms present before age 7.
    • The symptoms must be present for at least 6 months, seen in two or more settings, and not caused by another problem.
    • The symptoms must be severe enough to cause significant difficulties in many settings, including home, school, and in relationships with peers.
    • The child should have an evaluation by a doctor if ADHD is suspected. Evaluation may include:
    • Parent and teacher questionnaires, which can be provided to you by healthcare professionals.
    • Psychological evaluation of the child AND family.
    • Complete developmental, mental, nutritional, physical, and psychosocial examination.

    Treating ADHD

    There are numerous medications available for treatment purposes but these medications have side effects on the child.  The stimulant drugs that are used to treat ADHD are not a cure. For some individuals, they are effective. However, for many they create more problems (sleep, appetite, etc), which can make behavior a real problem, too.   Some kids simply cannot tolerate any stimulant, no matter how low the dosage. There are other ways to treat the child or adult with ADHD with a more therapeutic and holistic approach:  treating the whole child, not just seeking to alleviate the symptoms. Many studies have shown that medication alone becomes less and less effective over time. It may bring about quick results and not require a lot of work on the part of the parents, but soon you realize that there are no magic pills. Many factors may play a role in your child’s behavioral problems. Begin by working on their diet. Too much sugar, artificial colors and preservatives increase irritability, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The importance of good nutrition cannot be overstated. Kids need to eat right can benefit greatly by taking a good multi-vitamin, and an omega-3 or fish oil supplement.

    We Can Help Your Child With ADHD!

    If you’re looking for a solution to your problem that doesn’t just look at symptoms, but uncovers the entire brain-body imbalance that may be causing your condition, then Lake Norman Integrative Wellness& Wellness is the place for you. Understanding brain hemisphericity, or right/left symmetry and how it relates to your cognition, attention, mood, balance, motor function, coordination and the brain-body regulation of your many body systems, is essential for success. Contact Dr. Gary Draper D.C. at 704-987-3993 for a full neurometabolic examination and find out what treatment options you have.]]>