Repairvite: Eating Out

Many of our patients are on the Repairvite diet so we’re dedicating a blog post each week to you! Each week, we’ll post useful information, tips, and articles for Repairvite patients.   This information will help you understand how to eat, what to eat, and give some tips for making Repairvite work in a busy lifestyle!   Feel free to leave a comment or question about Repairvite and we’ll cover it in one of the articles. This will be an ongoing series, so stay tuned for more Repairvite information!

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Repairvite:  Eating Out

If you’re on Repairvite, you know that the diet is very restrictive and many types of foods must be avoided. This can be a huge challenge when you are forced to eat out alot! Don’t be overwhelmed by the stresses of eating out while on Repairvite. It can be done!

General Tips To Remember About Repairvite:

  • Keep in mind that Repairvite is a short-term protocol, usually 6-8 weeks. Keep that goal in mind as you go through this journey.
  • The purpose of Repairvite is to REDUCE inflammation in your body and REPAIR the damaged intestinal lining helping to improve not only gut function but overall immune function long-term.
  • Repairvite is meant to improve your health.
  • Eating every 2-3 hours is crucial to keeping your blood sugar stabilized and keeping cravings away.

Tips To Help Eating Out:

  • Plan ahead.  A little extra time spent planning out meals before you leave will help you!  The “2 Rule”:  check a gluten free restaurant website (Allergy Eats is a g reat one) and also check the restaurant website to see if they have a gluten free menu.  Most restaurants do have one and most of them post them online.
  • Be App Savvy.  There are lots of great apps for your iPhone or smart phone!  Use the Allergy Eats app as a resource to find restaurants who can accommodate you on your travels. Allergy Eats is a great site because you can search by food sensitivity (i.e. gluten, dairy and soy) and by the area of the country you will be in.  They make it very easy to find restaurants with options for you! 
  • Be sure to ask questions.  Even though they hand you a gluten free menu, you will need to ask how things are prepared.  You are avoiding dairy and soy also so be sure to ask how the vegetables are cooked.  Are they cooked in butter?  Can they steam them instead?  Be vocal about your food allergies to the server.
  • Ethnic restaurants aren’t always out!  Good Indian restaurants are often safe to eat in, as their cooking traditionally uses gluten free flours such as gram.  On the other hand you may need to take more care with Chinese cuisine as many soy sauce’s contain gluten, and this is used extensively.  You may think that Italian establishments are out of bounds, but again you may be surprised!
  • Hold the sauce!  Avoid sauces, marinades or thickeners unless the server or chef can assure you that they are safe.
  • Be clear when you order.    Ask your waitperson to stand next to you while you order, so you can have your questions easily heard and answered. If anything’s unclear about a food’s preparation, don’t hesitate to find out. Questions such as “Does the salad have croutons?” “Is the marinade made with soy sauce?” or “Are the potatoes fried in the same oil as other, breaded foods?” can spell the difference between a delicious dinner or a disaster!  In general, the simplest (unsauced, unstuffed, uncoated) preparations are usually the safest. Keep in mind that you might not be able to order your first choice, so have a back-up order just in case. When in doubt, go without! Chances are you’ll find at least a few satisfying options on any menu, but if you don’t, leave and try another restaurant.
  • Talk to the chef.  It is always ideal to be able to talk to the chef.  We know that isn’t always a possibility.

List Of Gluten Free Restaurants In The Lake Norman Area

These restaurants offer a gluten free menu, which helps tremendously when eating out.  While on Repairvite, you’ll still need to avoid dairy and soy so be sure to read menus and ask for substitutes when items are cooked in butter.
  • Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Brixx Pizza (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Bonefish Grill (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Carrabba’s (exit 25)
  • Jason’s Deli (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Zoe’s (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Longhorn’s Steakhouse (exit 25, Birkdale)
  • Chili’s (exit 18 and 25)
  • Moe’s Southwest (exit 18 and 25)
  • On The Border (exit 18)
  • Firebirds (exit 18)
  • Shane’s Rib Shack (exit 18)
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill (exit 18)
  • Fuel Pizza (multiple locations, including Davidon exit 30)
  • Sticky Fingers (Concord Mills)
  • Chik Fil-A (multiple locations)
  • Mama Ricotta’s (Uptown)
We encourage you to put together your own list of gluten free restaurants in your local area.  

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