Repairvite: A Typical Day Of Food

Many of our patients are on the Repairvite diet so we’re dedicating a blog post each week to you! Each week, we’ll post useful information, tips, and articles for Repairvite patients. This information will help you understand how to eat, what to eat, and give some tips for making Repairvite work in a busy lifestyle! Feel free to leave a comment or question about Repairvite and we’ll cover it in one of the articles. This will be an ongoing series, so stay tuned for more Repairvite information!

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Repairvite:  A Typical Day Of Food

  Repairvite Powder – What To Do With It?
  • Keep in mind that you need to have the Repairvite powder twice a day while on this protocol.  The best solution is to make a smoothie out of it each time.
Repairvite smoothie:  Almond milk or Coconut milk (6 oz), Repairvite powder, 4-6 strawberrries, 1/2 banana, 3-4 ice cubes and 1 T almond butter.  Blend until smooth.
  • Breakfast can be a bit challenging if you’re used to cereal or toast and eggs.  Think about having a protein and a fruit.  Also, consider non-traditional breakfast foods for breakfast (i.e. chicken or fish).
Alfresco chicken breakfast sausage Apple Amande coconut milk yogurt   Morning Snack
  • Remember that you need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar stabilized and to cut down on cravings.
Banana with 1 tablespoon of almond butter   Lunch
  • If you work, make your lunch ahead of time.
Salad with Applegate Farms organic deli meat (chicken, turkey, ham) Fresh veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, asparagus) Salad dressing:  olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh garlic Fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries, grapes)   Afternoon Snack
  • Make your snack easy and portable so you won’t forget to have it!
Grapes Almonds   Dinner
  • Keep in mind that good seasoning alternatives are sea salt, pepper and A.Vogel Herbamare (a gluten free seasoning line you can find at Earth Fare and Healthy Home Market).
Baked or broiled fish (talapia or salmon) Baked sweet potato Steamed broccoli   Nightly Snack Almond milk yogurt Strawberries  

Helpful Tips To Make Repairvite Work For You!

  • Remember that you need to eat whole foods, not processed foods.  Shop in the produce, meat and alternative dairy department of the grocery store.
  • Make things easy for yourself.  Wash your fruit and keep it handy so you’ll snack on it when you’re supposed to.
  • Eat 4-6 small meals per day.
  • Read food labels, even on meats!  No gluten, dairy or soy!
  • Watch for hidden gluten in things like spices.  A. Vogel Herbamare is an excellent brand of spices that is gluten free.
  • When preparing meats (like chicken), make a double batch so you’ll have leftovers for salads the next few days.
  • If you’re craving grains, try eating sweet potatoes and/or chickpeas.  You can roast sweet potatoes in olive oil and serve as a side dish.  Chickpeas are full of protein and can be added to salads.