Introducing Field Control Therapy (FCT)

FCT is a system that takes the short falls of medicine and offers an alternative path based on tenets of accepted scientific practice and research, not based on a flawed medical model.  We have incorporated FCT into our clinical practice, melding functional medicine, energy medicine and Chinese medicine into one system.  FCT will help our patients get the best possible results.  healthcare3 Field Control Therapy is used to diagnose and treat the deepest underlying causes of any symptom or illness: it goes much deeper than other approaches my patients have been exposed to in the past. FCT shines by identifying key toxins underlying illness and then treats with what we call “causative homeopathy” to restore healthy cellular functioning. Field Control Therapy was created by American Cardiologist Dr. Savely Yurkovsky.   You have not heard about FCT because it has taken years for Dr. Yurkovsky, who is in active practice near New York City, to be able to train doctors to teach for him. Now that wait is over! Ask my office how you can benefit from FCT today and get on my schedule to assess your body using this wonderful new system of diagnosis and treatment.]]>