How To Become A Patient

“If you can’t help me…just tell me…and then tell me who can.” It’s only fair right? Because I’m tired of people suffering with pain…running from doctor to doctor…and not getting the answers or the help they really need, I am offering a promise to you.

My Promise To You

Simply, I promise that if you give me the opportunity to meet you, review your health issues and try to find a solution for you, I will either treat you successfully, or if I determine that I can’t help you, I will find someone for you who can.


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For nearly 8 years, I’ve been helping people in the greater Charlotte area get rid of their pain from all different types of conditions and have had excellent success in not only helping them be pain free, but keeping them free of pain… permanently. The truth is, I’m not sure if I can help you with your problems.  But if you are willing to give me an opportunity, I will either help you or if I can’t help you, I will make sure that you are sent to someone who can.  It’s really that simple. You can find out more about the conditions we treat at Lake Norman Integrative Wellness& Wellness. I’ve treated alot of patients and you can hear what they are saying by clicking the “Testimonials” tab above.

Logo200Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want to offer you the boldest guarantee that I can. My offer to you is if I can’t help you or find the true cause of your problem, I will refund your initial visit…plus, I will refer you to someone who I think that can help you.

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If you have any questions about chronic conditions or need chiropractic care, please come see me today. To schedule your appointment, just call us at (704) 987-3993. Lake Norman Integrative Wellness 21000 Torrence Chapel Road #101, Suite 103, Cornelius, NC Phone: 704-987-3993 | Fax: 704-987-3991 Email: Lake Norman Integrative Wellness  ]]>