HCL Supplementation and the Lymphatic System

The High Importance of HCL as a Global Anti-Infective and Balancer of Lymph Chemistry

The lymphatic system is addressed on the first visit because of its importance in nutrient delivery and waste removal for the entire body.  There is as much volume of lymph as blood in the body.  The main difference between the two is that the blood has a pump and the lymph system does not.  The lymph must rely on the physical activity of the individual to maintain its circulation.  Living in a sedentary culture, many people have stagnant lymph systems due to inactivity alone. The nutritional condition of the lymph is critical in the delivery of nutrients, especially minerals.  The pH status of the body is the most important foundation for health.  Without an alkaline pH, poor health is the consequence.  In order to create and maintain a proper pH, we need good mineral levels in the soft tissue with proper ratios of calcium, magnesium and trace elements.  In order for minerals to be taken into the cell to re-alkalinize the soft-tissue, balanced lymph chemistry is essential.  It will enable the minerals to be held in solution long enough to be delivered to the cell.  In order for this to occur, adequate quantities of HCL (hydrochloric acid) must be produced by the body or be supplemented to maintain the delicate chemical balance of the lymph’s chemistry. As we age, our production of HCL slowly diminishes.  Many factors stress HCL production including eating cooked and processed food, salt-free diets, feeling stress, and using drugs (recreational or prescription).  No wonder HCL supplementation is badly needed by most people.  However, as researchers in the 1930’s discovered, taking HCL alone in not enough to create a profound difference in lymph chemistry without a natural-source potassium activator.  When the two are taken together, the body has the necessary components needed to create the best acid-base balance of the lymph chemistry.  Furthermore, the HCL-Potassium combination increases the power of the HCL to act as a global germicide which helps to rid the body of chronic and often hidden infections-another primary reason for poor pH. HCL supplementation with live-source potassium synergists can provide the two basic necessities required to build a foundation for optimal health in the body.  This combo helps to:
  1. Balance lymph chemistry by maintaining the necessary medium for minerals to move in and out of solution for proper delivery of nutrients and removal of wastes.
  2. Upregulate the body’s immune response to often hidden infection that will hinder pH balance due to the fact that the minerals available in the body will go to fight infection instead of re-mineralizing tissue.
        Once we address these two fundamental pillars of health, the Kidney System and the Lymphatic System, a foundation is laid to build a lifetime of great health.]]>