Get Rid Of Cravings For Weight Management

Here are just a few of the tips that we give our patients to help control cravings:  

  • Drink water first thing in the morning (up to 4 glasses). When you drink water in the morning you will find that you have less appetite since you already have the water in your stomach fooling your brain into thinking that you are not hungry.
  • Eat frequently, especially proteins. Eating frequently helps to maintain an even blood sugar and you’ll be less hungry. Proteins “burn” slowly and will increase metabolism.
  • Eat as soon as you wake up. Start the day with a protein based breakfast to boost metabolism.
  • Have at least three meals and two snacks in between. Each meal should have a protein component.
  • Avoid coffee. Coffee quickly acts to raise blood sugar, then it drops it lower. People who start their day with coffee tend to eat more later in the day.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea will raise metabolism and hold it there for quite awhile. It also is a good “fat burner.”
  • Avoid all sweet foods, even fruits. Anything that tastes sweet, even artificial sweeteners, will give you an insulin response and alter your blood sugar. The more sugar you consume, the more sugary foods you WANT to consume.
  • Avoid grains. All grains, through the digestive process, turn to sugar.
  • Our emotional stress levels affect food cravings. If you’re stressed out, try to stimulate happiness by playing upbeat music. Women especially have a profound emotional reaction to music. Consider creating a playlist of happy songs.