Holistic Nurse's Corner with Johanna Green, RN, HN-BC


Healthy Food For Healthy Skin

By inception | June 13, 2019

Healthy Food For Healthy Skin By Johanna Green, RN, HN-BC VITAMIN A- helps to heal damaged skin by repairing and building skin tissue. It also helps to reduce …WRINKLES!! Also Vitamin A is vital  for healthy vision, immune function and reproductive health. Having proper amounts of Vitamin A from your daily diet can help prevent…

Breath Technique

Self-Care For Relaxation

By inception | June 10, 2019

Self-Care for Relaxation By Johanna Green, RN, HN-BC Have you been in a situation where your heart is racing or maybe you felt overwhelmed? Anxiety creeping it’s way into your thoughts and entire body? One of the easiest ways to calm your self is through deep slow breathing. Breathing is free and portable. So try…

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