Chiropractic Neurology News

Dr. Green’s Recent Travels He recently returned from the Neuro-Cranial Integration (NCi) seminar in Atlanta and if you haven’t experienced this wonderful new adjustive technique that works on the cranial bones, nervous system and whole body, make sure you schedule an appointment to see him soon!   Dr. Green is one of only 2 practitioners in the state of North Carolina certified to practice NCI. For more information on NCI visit the patient information website at   Dr. Green travels to Greensboro this month for Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s 3 day seminar on functional blood chemistry, with particular excitement to see what endocrine and immunological research he will bring to the treatment table. If you know anyone who suffers from a chronic autoimmune condition, is looking for alternative approaches to manage and support their health care problems or just needs a better path – please let them know about our office.

News About Chiropractic Neurology

Dr. Ted Carrick, founder of Chiropractic Neurology and one of Dr. Green’s instructors, was recently featured in a news story on ABC’s late-night news show Nightline.  The story was titled “Miracle Method or Placebo?” and it really emphasizes what we do at our office. The reporter asked Dr. Carrick if the treatments that he provides were a miracle cure.  Dr. Carrick’s response: “I think miracles are things that only happen once in a while. What we find is the miracles we see, we’re seeing them frequently, every day, so they aren’t really miracles.” He said his treatment involves re-activating pathways in the brain, what scientific circles refer to as neuro-plasticity, by simulating other parts of the body. He is considered the main architect of chiropractic neuology because he pioneered several of the methods used, in part by combining treatments that already exist, as well as developing new treatments. If you want to watch the whole ABC Nightline piece, here is the link: ABC Nightline – Carrick Insititute   Contact our office today to discuss sitting down with Dr. Green and exploring how NeuroMetabolic care could help your condition today!]]>