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ATM2, and not the kind you get money from.  🙂  The ATM2 I am referring to, is a piece of equipment from, used to perform ATMs (active therapeutic movements).  The purpose of the ATM2 is to stabilize the patient to allow specific neuromuscular retraining, with the goal of immediate pain reduction, increased range of motion, and improved function.  The ATM2 is based on the Mulligan physical therapy technique.  The idea is that when you have pain with motion, you begin to recruit muscles not normally used when moving.  This abnormal muscle recruitment pattern can contribute to joint dysfunction, and be a source of pain.  So how do you normalize the abnormal muscle recruitment pattern, and decrease your pain?  One way is by doing active therapeutic movements on the ATM2.  These active therapeutic movements help you restore normal muscle recruitment patterns and can immediately reduce your level of pain.  You can use the ATM2 for most joints in the body.  For more information visit my website, or watch a short video showing the ATM2 in action.  If you want to follow me and get updates on what I’m doing, follow me on twitter at  If you want to hook up on facebook or LinkedIn, visit my profiles.