Charlotte Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event: March 21, 2015

Charlotte Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event on March 21!  GF Expo Logo 2014 This is an annual event in Charlotte and shouldn’t be missed if you or anyone in your family has food sensitivities or allergies! You’ll get a chance to meet hundreds of vendors who manufacture food and personal care items that meet your needs….all allergy-friendly (gluten, dairy, soy, etc).  You can sample foods and talk firsthand with these vendors about their products!

Dr. Akiba Green Is A Key Speaker At This Event!  Good pic 1

In addition, Dr. Akiba Green will be one of the key speakers at this event.  He will be speaking at noon and the topic is “Why Medicine Will Never Fix Your Chronic Health Problems: The Food Link And Beyond.” This is a great opportunity to invite friends or family to hear Dr. Green speak!

When:  March 21, 2015

Time:  10 am – 4 pm

Where:  Crowne Plaza, 5700 Westpark Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217

Tickets are $10 (adults) and free for children (under 13).  You can purchase tickets online HERE or at the door. More information is available on their website.  Click HERE to see their website.]]>