Audio Recap Of The Recent Health Webinar

Charlotte Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event, which will be held on March 29th in Charlotte.

Listen to the free health webinar below.

Note:  If you cannot see the audio link above, go directly to the webpost by CLICKING HERE to access the audio link. The speaker list for the webinar is quite impressive!  Remember that these speakers are all involved in the upcoming Charlotte Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event:
  • Dr. Akiba Green – Discusses why medicine will never fix your chronic health problem…and the true causes of your autoimmune dysfunction.
  • Dr. Wangen (naturopath) – Discusses IBS / Celiac / gut problems with gluten sensitivity.
  • Jennifer Fugo – Speaks about nutrition and affordability – book released this week. She is the founder  of“” and a certified health coach. You can see her on Dr. Oz discussing celiac point of view nutritional health and what she has learned and GF sugar cleanse.
  • Pam Jordan – Speaks about the affordability of diet as it relates to celiac, gluten-free, and meal planning for families.
  • Carol Kicinski – Editor for Simply Gluten Free Magazine, cookbook author, food writer, and blog writer. Discusses converting from gluten to gluten free for all your favorite recipes.
  • Lisa Stimmer – Addresses healthy foods myths and how GF Vitality Diet increases energy, mental clarity, fat loss, hormonal balance.
  • Beth Mincher – Discusses what being gluten free can teach us – creating optimal well being through mindset and lifestyle through kids. Addresses the grief of being diagnosed.