8 Vegetables That Aid In Weight Loss!

Why Are Vegetables Key To Losing Weight?

  1. Vegetables tend to be lower in calories, yet pack a way more powerful punch when it comes to keeping you healthy and full for longer. This all means you may tend to eat fewer calories, while still feeling satisfied, if not more satisfied, than when you rely on packaged foods and foods devoid of nutrients.
  2. Vegetables help keep you full for longer. The fiber and water in vegetables fill you up way more efficiently than eating processed carbs that are deficient in fiber. Combining vegetables with protein and healthy fats will keep you satisfied until it’s time for your next meal.
  3. Vegetables help prevent dips and spikes in your energy levels. Once again, the fiber in vegetables helps regulate your blood sugar. If you’re eating all your allotted vegetables each day, you shouldn’t experience that late-afternoon energy slump (and cravings for sugar) that you may encounter when eating processed carbohydrates.

8 Vegetables To Eat To Lose Weight

#1 – Cucumber

Cucumbers are also a vital vegetable for weight loss. This is because, like celery, it is made up of mostly water. Furthermore, they are very low calorie which makes it even more beneficial.  Eat cucumbers in cold salads with red onion, tomatoes and apple cider vinegar.

#2 – Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are an important vegetable for weight loss. Leafy greens mean lettuce (especially romaine), swiss chard, kale and more. These greens, especially the dark greens, are optimal for losing weight. This is due to not only their low calories but also the amount of vitamins they contain and high fiber content.

#3 – Peppers (Not allowed on RepairVite Diet)

Peppers (red, green, orange, yellow) are high in vitamin C, K and A. The top most beneficial pepper is actually the red pepper as it contains the highest amount of the vitamins of the four peppers. Another great fact about peppers is that they actually help you burn more calories! What a great weight loss aid.  

#4 – Spinach

fruits and veggies Spinach is known to be the most beneficial vegetable especially for losing weight. This is because they have lots of vitamins and minerals and even omega 3 fatty acids. Incorporating spinach into your diet is crucial.  You can add it to smoothies or sautee it in olive oil, garlic and red onions.

Vegetable #5 – Celery

Celery is crunchy low calorie food because it’s made up of almost all water.  It’s extremely low calorie and also has protein and a high fiber content.  Eat it raw with almond butter or sautee it with onions as a side dish.

#6 – Broccoli

Broccoli is very beneficial to weight loss for two reasons:  #1 broccoli is very low fat and #2 it contains carbohydrates that will actually gradually discharge it into your system which keeps you feeling full and energetic.  Add raw broccoli to salads or sautee broccoli for dinner (with a little sea salt).

#7 – Onions

Onions are actually a low calorie vegetable that contains several essential vitamins.  One large raw onion has only 63 calories, is made up of more than a cup of water, and provides up to 20% of your RDA of vitamin C.  Onions are also known as a natural fat blocker which makes it even better for weight loss. Add flavor to your diet meals by adding onions and knowing you are definitely helping yourself lose weight.

#8 – Carrots

Unlike most vegetables that carry a high source of one vitamin or another, carrots are concentrated with Vitamin A, beta carotene and fiber, which work together to solve a number of maladies. Whether if you consume them cooked, raw or juiced, carrots will provide your with body with its beneficial nutrients and aid in losing weight.  ]]>